A concierge breast health consultant, providing risk reduction strategies for women with an increased risk of breast cancer


Creating a relationship of trust

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Hi! I'm Tammy Smith...

I'm here to guide you through your breast health concerns, questions and fears. 

I'm an experienced Breast Oncology Nurse Practitioner with over a decade of experience in both medical and surgical oncology. In my concierge practice I offer optimal breast health care including risk assessment and reduction, health coaching, symptom management, and provide in-depth answers to your questions.

I offer a 90-minute thorough risk assessment that includes my perennial guide to breast health, as well as a 3-month coaching program leading you toward your optimal breast health! Take control of your breast health today, click here to work with me.

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Deep-Dive Risk Assessment

Want to fully understand your risk? This 90-minute appointment is designed for a deep-dive assessment into your personal and family health history. You will walk away with a clear understanding of your lifetime risk of developing breast cancer and my personal guide to Breast Health & Risk Reduction

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Breast Health Program

Want to fully understand your risk AND receive personalized 1:1 risk reduction strategies? Then, engage in weekly one-on-one appointments where we will work on a full evaluation of your personal and family health history, breast cancer risk assessment, and a focused breast cancer risk reduction plan. Receive personalized counseling and support to improve your health and your risk!

Take control of your breast health

Who I help...

Women with an increased risk of breast cancer

As a breast health expert I hear from many women how they have constant breast concerns. Whether it's pain, breast masses, or increased risk of breast cancer, many women have heightened concerns or even anxiety about their breast health. If this is you, you are not alone. I see women on a daily basis who are frightened about their symptoms and risk.

How many times have you tried to address this with your healthcare provider, only to receive vague answers or no answer? Or, are referred to a breast cancer surgeon, further elevating your anxiety?

In my practice I help women everyday with their breast concerns by giving them in-depth explanations, answers to their questions and a plan of action for their care. Therefore, greatly decreasing their anxiety and helping them take control of their health.

   Is this you?

  • Anxiety about breast cancer
  • Questions about dense breast tissue
  • Uncertainty about screening imaging
  • Family history of breast cancer
  • Increased lifetime risk of breast cancer

Then You’re In the Right Place!

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I am here to help you with all of your breast health concerns and help you follow an actionable plan.

Regardless of what your breast health concerns are, I am going to answer your questions, guide you with your breast health care and help you achieve optimal breast health! Receive in-depth education about breast symptoms, symptom management, screening recommendations, risk assessment, risk reduction, and receive an actionable plan to reduce your risk. Are you ready to take control of your breast health and risk reduction?

Are you looking for a more inclusive plan for your breast health strategy? Join me in a 12-week breast health program to create and implement a personalized plan of action for your breast health needs and screening protocol. From symptom management to risk reduction with lifestyle modification you and I will work one-on-one to create a plan that fits you and your goals! Join me now to fulfill your breast health needs!

Yes! I'm ready to take action!

Interested in my education, professional background, and wondering why I've chosen to offer you a private concierge breast health practice option?

My Story

Are you concerned you may not be following the best screening protocol, or having anxiety about your breast cancer risk? Learn how I will provide you with a personalized and actionable plan to relieve all of your concerns!

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